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One Restaurant and Lounge

Location & Contact:

8132 Hampson St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
504-301-9061 Fax: 504-301 9057

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For those who believe sleek/sophisticated and intimate are mutually exclusive when it comes to restaurant ambiance, it may be time for an evening at ONE. Located uptown just steps from Carrollton Ave near St. Charles, ONE combines the well-seasoned, "perfectly textured" culinary creations of rising chef Scott Snodgrass, (late of Clancy's), with the irresistible hospitality of his co-owner Lee McCullough.

Ask for a table for two at One and three things will shake up your senses: the sleek, sophisticated atmosphere, the stellar service and an expertly prepared meal that you'll be talking about tomorrow. The intimate dining room that seats 75 and features 34 wines by the glass, an award-winning duck and okra gumbo with homemade boudin, and delicate char-grilled oysters complimented by Roquefort cheese and vinaigrette. The flavors are full, as is the dining room six nights a week.

Ask for a seat at the food bar, the ultimate open kitchen where Snodgrass takes succulent oysters from the grill, adds Roquefort and vinaigrette, and then turns right around and serves them to you.

Co-owners Scott Snodgrass and Lee McCullough know how to satisfy. Snodgrass operates from his open kitchen where you can take a seat at the food bar and watch the culinary artistry happen. McCullough keeps the room abuzz with vitality and fun. Let's review: savory, irresistible food, lively ambiance and a glass that never seems to go half empty. It's ONE, a number that will take on all new meaning once you make room for Coq au Vin with housemade bacon.

Type of Meals Served:

Grilled Oysters, Crab Cakes, Fried-Green Tomatoes, Liver Pate, Herbed Gnocchi, Beer Braised Rabbit, Crawfish Bisque, Spaghetti, Shrimp, Brisket, Gumbo, and touffe.

The menu at ONE is a full-flavored affair; starting with appetizers, like the perfectly-textured sauteed herb gnocchi with crabmeat, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in Parmesan broth. Close your eyes and picture that, but don't open them until you've given some serious consideration to the spicy lobster bisque with lobster dumplings - Yes, lobster dumplings. The entre selection is limited, but covers several bases, from the pan-roasted grouper with smoked salmon and basil pesto, to the simmering coq au vin with bread pudding stuffed with carrots and green beans. The grilled beef tenderloin with Stilton cheese is elegantly served with dauphinoise potatoes and crisp asparagus. ONE has the goods to go the distance in this neighborhood - the room is way cool and the food is entirely memorable. -- Paul Greenberg

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