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Charlie Miller New Orleans Trumpter

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From New Orleans to New York around the world and back - Charlie Miller has

returned home... and he has produced one of the most in-depth

descriptions of New Orleans ever created. He does it with a solo trumpet.

Not just a single recording - a full album of original songs, composed and

recorded by this exceptional musician who knows New Orleans like only a

native can feel it.


When was the last time you heard a full album of just solo trumpet?

No backup, no musical reinforcement, nothing but the sheer talent of

a man who loves his music and has the guts to put it all out there

by itself. It's not been done before.

The full soul of the city is expressed in this unique album ... its blues,

its funkiness and all of its melancholy and joy ... captured!

Charlie's music credentials are impressive enough - Thelonious Monk, Chuck

Mangione and Dr. John to name just a few. But it's the essence that earned

those credentials that make this recording and all of his performances -

solo or ensemble - something that draws a smiling "Oh ya" from the true

music aficionado.

The CD, "Charlie Miller and Peace Horn" is a collection that fights being

pigeon-holed because it nudges "unique" into a different corner. Miller says

he didn't start out to make a solo album, it just happoened. You're going to

enjoy everything he has to say about New Orleans, through his trumpet

(and flute), in this one-of-a-kind recording.

Miller is one of those incredible musicians that the legends of New Orleans

music are all about; that special brand of talent that the City likes to

call its 'national treasure'- for the world.

Charlie Miller ... a New Orleans heritage ... to be continued. Damn straight.

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